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You can have Calorie-Free Happiness

Feb 17, 2022

I’m sure you want to flourish.

I’m sure you would like to experience peace, joy and the presence of God.

This life is too short to hang around waiting for the abundant life Jesus promised us.

It’s not right that we are not let into the secret that there is a calorie-free shortcut to happiness and flourishing that we find when we “enter his gates with thanksgiving”.

It's not the gratitude you find in a normal journal because any of who have done them find them repetitive, uninspiring and difficult to do over a long period of time. There is a varied, interesting, easy approach that can help you find happiness.

In a moment I will show you an exercise that took me a year to develop which you can use in quiet times, family and small groups. You can even use it in leading church or coaching. But first let's look at

Experience Calorie-free happiness.

You can arrive at peace, joy and the presence of God. You can find happier ways to think that improve your mood and warm up your relationships. You can experience God more deeply and improve all aspects of your life.

What is the fastest way to do this? With three steps of intentional gratitude. 

  • The first step is to Remember and Relive Good Things
  • The second step is to Be with God as You Do So
  • The third Step is to Be Intentional Daily

As you do these steps daily using my exercises you can arrive at grateful and content.

These steps are what I used to move from overwhelm to happy in COVID-19 and you can use them today.

Gratitude is a calorie-free way to peace and happiness that is simple to add to your life or church ministry.

If you would like me to show you how I gained a happier life I’d be delighted to help you

I will give you more exercises that I use myself, we use in our church and with people from all over the world.

I wrote a Gratitude Journal that

·        Improves your mood

·        Improves your relationships

·        Helps you experience God’s presence

The exercises have the power to transform your life without costing you a penny beyond the cost of the book; without moving, divorcing or changing your job.

The exercises help you flourish whatever your circumstances. This feels great. The wonderful thing is this is not a feeling you have to whip up but its one that bubbles up from inside.

The change is so great it may get you promoted, help you find a lifelong partner, or find that you can be happy without any changes at all. 

Appreciation is the fast track to a happier life.

Here’s How You’ll do It:

You go on a step by step journey to arriving at grateful. This helps you overcome the main stumbling blocks to gratitude: inconsistency, boredom and lack of direction. I give you a framework, inspiration and a journey to take.

Step 1. Is to Get Started. Don’t be one of those people who read about gratitude but never try it. Just buying the journal and leaving it somewhere obvious prompts many people to begin.

Step 2 Remember good things. You journal the good things in your life. Journaling is important to changing how you feel because it uses more of your brain than if you lean back and think. Looking for positives in your life improves your mood and your day.

The power comes in Step 3 as you relive positive memories. As you bring to mind memories of happy times or places to life you reconnect with the joy that you found there. Notice that. As you reconnect with joyful past experiences you reconnect with the joy that you found there. You begin to feel them in your body and your mood noticeably changes.

This means that any positive past experience can elicit the same feelings today and improve the quality of your life today.

In Step 4 you engage with God. As you ask God to bring to mind long-lost memories you reconnect with the joy that you found there. Notice that.

With God you reconnect with more joyful experiences and you can reconnect with more joy. Even more significant is asking God for his insight into what was happening and even find healing as you do so.

Once you’ve engaged these powerful steps you then do this through the day. At Step 5 the benefits come more consistently and predictably. In Step 6 your close relationships feel the benefit of gratitude and you complete the journey at Step 7 where you do exercises to improve meetings and relationships. This begins to change your world.

What value would you place on happiness?

What price would you put on joy? My Appreciation Journal is a Great Investment.

When we launched our ministry we called it JoySkills because we give you skills to find happiness. This journal is our working book. It contains all the exercises we use ourselves and help others to grow in appreciation.

They are interesting exercises – when you do them. One couple in their 80s loved the “toys from your childhood exercise”; most people love the people, places or pets memories.

One person wrote how the they used the book to lift them out of depression. A journal doesn’t replace therapy but it can lift your mood. Thae value of happiness is so much more that the price of the book – which is less than 2 coffees and a doughnut.

It makes you happy without calories!

If you are not completely satisfied you can send it back no questions asked. Even read it and send it back!

Buy the book here. Do It Now! You won’t regret it

We are committed to making the world a happier place one person at a time. So we are giving away the appreciation cycle use that summarizes the journal. This exercise took me a year to develop which you can use in quiet times, family and small groups.

You can download the appreciation cycle here


We teach lots of skills, but appreciation is the fast-track to happiness. It lays a foundation for everything else. It can make you happy without calories. Think of the weight you could save if you swapped your dietary pick-me-ups for a gratitude journal.

We help you to

•            Improve your mood

•            Improve your relationships

•            Experience God’s presence

I’m sure you want to flourish so Buy the book here. Do It Now! You won’t regret it. You can even get your money back if you don’t like it.


I’m hoping that you take this next step to a happier life


Every blessing



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